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Teeth Whitening

Are your teeth starting to turn yellow or beige?
This usually happens due to a loss of enamel, the natural protective covering that wears away over time. Teeth staining can be caused by the beverages and foods consumed on a daily basis or by some medications. Smoking or chewing tobacco also causes stains that can’t be effectively removed by over-the-counter treatments. The answer? Whitening, of course! Although an individual preference, we recommend teeth whitening twice a year. It’s safe, effective and fast—very fast!

By far the number one concern associated with most whitening procedures is teeth sensitivity. Our non-evasive program first isolates the teeth and gums before applying a desensitizing gel to activate whitening and reduce irritation. With this chair side process rarely are there side-effects and you’re in and out of the office in one hour.

Zoom Whitening involves first the application of the whitening gel to your teeth. Then a high intensity light “pulls” the chemical into the teeth to lighten the shade of the natural teeth.

Consistency and maintenance?
Not only will the teeth whitening treatment produce the results you’re looking for, but also you will receive a kit to maintain your smile’s radiance at home. With just a few minutes of maintenance a week, your teeth will remain looking their best.